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Women Who Code


Women Who Code wants to hear your story! As part of WWCode’s global community of diverse women in tech, we’d love to hear from you about your experience(s). Please take 1- 3 minutes to share via video on the impact WWCode has had on one of the following areas in your life: career growth, ability to build community, scholarship or job opportunities, learning, speaking at events, pivoting, or other relevant topic. We will be using your stories in an upcoming social campaign. Thanks in advance!

What you could mention:

  • Why did you decide to join WWCode, and how has it had a positive impact on your career?
  • What resources have helped you grow in your career and how? (resources: digital events, major events (CONNECT), Networks, job board, YouTube channel, blogs, podcast)
  • What is a memorable experience with the WWCode community that has also impacted your tech career?