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We want to be as honest and transparent as we can be. Therefore we want our clients to speak for us. Would you be willing to leave us an honest testimonial of your experience with our brand? Thanks in advance!

What you could mention:

  • Written Testimonial:
  • How has our contribution helped you out? How is your experience working with us? (Please say the names "Cory Marth" and "Promotus Digital Agency."
  • Video Testimonial Outline
  • Start by saying your name and that this is a testimonial for Cory
  • “Hi, my name is [name], and I wanted to make this video to tell others about my experience working with Cory Marth.”
  • Your backstory
  • What type of career, industry, or business are you in?
  • What were you trying to accomplish when you hired Cory?
  • Why did you want that (from a business perspective)?
  • Did you struggle to accomplish this prior to working with Cory?
  • What you’ve now accomplished by working with Cory?
  • If possible, focus on data-driven success (sales numbers, growth figures, etc.)
  • Also, highlight any lifestyle benefits you’ve experienced with your success
  • What has been the resulting impact on your business?
  • “Since working with Cory Marth, my business has been growing faster than ever…”
  • What would you tell someone who’s thinking about working with Cory?
  • Suggested talking points (if applicable)
  • Quality of work
  • Speed of growth
  • Professionalism (easy to work with, brings unique ideas to the table, delivers above expectations, etc.)

Don't worry, you get to rewatch or redo your video before you send it in!