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Let your clients do the talking

Collect reviews and video testimonials on autopilot.

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming review collection methods. Our software makes it incredibly easy to collect reviews from your clients with its automated process.

Learn more about review collecting
Your own customizable collection page
With a customizable review form: simply send a link to your custom testimonial collection page.
Collect reviews and video testimonials.
Using our automated process, optimized for conversions.
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Everything you need

All-in-one platform for your reviews

Manage and organize your testimonials: With our platform, you can easily sort, filter, and search through your testimonials to find the ones that are most relevant to your needs.

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Customize forms & widgets:
Ask for the right information with our customizable forms, company, job title, star rating, etc.
Approve reviews before publishing:
Approve testimonials before they are published on your website
Import your exising testimonials:
Import your existing testimonials from 15+ platforms
Invite team members:
nvite team members or clients into a specific workspace. That way, they can manage their own space and testimonials.
No technical skills required:
No technical skills required. Just copy and paste a snippet of code into your website.
All your reviews in one place:
All your reviews in one place. No more switching between platforms, no matter where you got them from.

(Or your competitors will)

Get testimonials on your website without any code.

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We support any no-code platform. Our team is here to help if you
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We have a wide range of widgets to help you collect reviews and video testimonials on autopilot. Choose the right widget for the job.

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