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Sander Belaen, Founder of socialjuice

Amsterdam, HQ of socialjuice

We're on a mission

socialjuice is an Amsterdam based solo founded startup on a mission to make marketing more real, more human, more genuine and more open. We believe a customer relation flows in both ways and are building a solution to make social proof and customer feedback have a real impact on your conversion.

More business find themselves struggling into gaining new prospects or turning leads in customers. Reviews and testimonials help, but not when those writers of the reviews are left in the dark or are turned completely anon.

New prospects can't relate themselves with these ghostly review writers, find a lack of credibility in them which results in not getting convinced of your services and product(s). Too bad, because using social proof the right way can lift your conversion by an average of 25%. Almost 89% of surveyed customers said they almost always read and view the reviews first before going over to action.

We hear you ask yourself: how to make it less not-personal, less sketchy and boost your credibilities? By utilising your existing customer base!

At socialjuice, we are convinced that real people provide real content, and an actual added value. That reading, viewing or hearing a genuine and authentic testimonial about your service or product can help your new prospect into deciding to convert.

That's where we want to help you. socialjuice is thriving to be the most-accessible video testimonial tool for your social proof. We want to be an all-inclusive social proof tool for everybody, whether you're a small or big company, B2C or B2B. Our mission is to help you give your brand a more authentic and honest glow by providing real and trustworthy testimonials in a twinkling of an eye.

Image of Sander Belaen, Founder of socialjuice
Sander Belaen
Founder of socialjuice