SocialJuiceAI✨Using ChatGPT for review collecting

Lowers friction
Boosts review quality
helps client know what to talk about

Collect more qualitative reviews, while making it easier for clients to know what to talk about, lowering the bar. Collect a review using SocialJuice AI in under 1 minute!

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Example of how SocialJuice AI worksExample of how SocialJuice AI works

Turns outnatural languagealways was
the best way to share your opinion!

Let your clients do the talking

Get more and higher quality reviews, automatically✨

Instead of a form, send over a link to your custom AI review collecting chatbot. It will ask your clients some questions, and make a review out of it using thier words.

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Asks the right questions.
With a customizable review form: simply send a link to your custom testimonial collection page.
Auto generates an accurate review using the answers.
We just suggest better wording based on their actual opinion, no fake reviews are created.
SocialJuice Collection page example

Based on openai Chatgpt

Your very own personalised review collector

Fully customized for your business, with your own logo and colours and starting prompt and subject suggestions.

App screenshot
Customize your chat page
with your logo, colors and theme.
Write your own starting prompt and suggest questions
this steers the content of the review.
Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT
The worlds leading chatbot AI technology


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