How do you Collect Client Video Testimonials?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Oh, the power of social proof. One of the most successful ways for individuals, corporations, and brands to guarantee that they have a presence that is noticeable across the digital environment is to use social media. Numerous types of "social proof" exist, including but not limited to celebrity endorsements, user evaluations, and the type of "social proof" we'll be discussing in this article: video testimonials.

What exactly is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial is a type of multi-media marketing asset that shows a current or former customer giving their first-hand experience and endorsement of your product in their own voice. This can be done in the form of an interview or through the use of a recorded video.

Video testimonials are unique in that they feature a real person talking about their problem and establishing an emotional connection with a potential consumer. This makes video testimonials quite powerful. B2B organizations are creating more video content in order to effectively connect with prospects and share the use cases, reviews, and accomplishments associated with their products with the world.

The video was chosen by the vast majority of B2B companies as the primary type of media to be incorporated into their content strategies.

Video testimonies can be produced in a variety of formats, and with a variety of purposes in mind, including the following:

  • A compliment to a business or a brand in general
  • Specific feedback from a consumer regarding a product or service that they have purchased or receive. Compliments were given to a specific member of staff or a number of employees with whom the client dealt.
  • An emotional connection that a client or an employee has with your brand, as well as the manner in which or the reason why they are loyal to your organization.

Reasons why Video Testimonials work

If you are seeking a complete return on your investment (ROI) for the money you spend on video testimonials, then that may be a sufficient explanation. The following are four additional arguments in favor of placing video testimonials at the forefront of your marketing strategy:


Smartphone users can film and share video testimonials. As long as the photos aren't distracting, the audio is clean, and the testimony is convincing, you shouldn't spend much on them. Encourage your consumers to share video testimonials on social media and on your website.

People adore expressing themselves and being taken seriously. Use customer testimonial films to boost brand visibility. With 100% ROI, they're worth every penny.

Video Testimonials are rich in content

Customers, staff, and clients who provide video testimonials for your business effectively act as brand ambassadors for your firm at no additional cost. This video material may also be distributed over a variety of venues, including but not limited to your website, social media channels, and even email marketing.

Videos of satisfied customers sharing their experiences provide everyday people the opportunity to become content makers. More than a quarter of a percentage point of growth in consumer engagement can be achieved by combining videos of user-generated material with content written by a brand. Make sure that your videos can be quickly shared and seen on mobile devices, and that they can also be streamed simply "on the go." This will ensure that no one is excluded from the experience.

Videos create an emotional response

Videos provide viewers with a comprehensive experience of the media they are consuming because they combine words, sounds, and visuals in a single medium. A video testimonial from a satisfied customer that describes how your brand made them feel, how it helped them solve their problem, or how it improved their life in some way has the ability to persuade a prospective customer that they too could profit from the same experience.

Credibility and trust are established

Recommendations from satisfied customers are a powerful form of advertising. Take charge of what people are saying about you by using video testimonials to reassure viewers that they are connecting with actual individuals. When presented with a choice between believing a company or believing another genuine person, most individuals will go with the latter. Although written testimonials are effective, the power of a personal video testimonial cannot be overstated.

Where to Collect Video Testimonials from Clients

Now that you understand the importance of using video testimonials in your marketing approach, let's take a look at how to get started.

By contacting pleased customers, clients, or staff. Better if they have a unique tale or you aided them. Some may be shy or unsure on camera. Offer a phone, online, or in-person interview to calm them.

We at SocialJuice have simplified and sped up the process so that you may quickly and easily collect user-generated videos from the members of your community. You can plan, collect, and edit your movie all from the same location by using SocialJuice, which is a convenient feature that is available to anybody, everywhere.

Utilize the SocialJuice testimonial platform to:

  • Invite your consumers, no matter where they are, to share their experiences with you.
  • Make organization a breeze with our web app, which works on every device.
  • To help clients feel more comfortable entering the recording process, provide them with an accurate shot list and brief.
  • Improve, reformat, and fix your videos until they're ready to be shared on any channel you like.
  • Take part in the production of the video testimonial by providing input and facilitating communication with the makers.


Any B2B company worth it's salt nowadays will have video testimonials as part of its marketing kit. Marketers use them to interact with potential consumers who are in the middle or final stages of the sales flow. A compelling video testimonial can increase your company's revenue.

You may increase your customers' satisfaction with your product by publishing their stories on your website and promoting them to potential buyers via social media and email.

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