How long should video testimonials be?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

You've been striving to enhance brand awareness with video content, but it hasn't been generating the kind of sales you were hoping for. You're worried, and you don't know what to do next to increase sales to the public. The solution to your issues may be found in testimonials from satisfied clients.

For marketers, obtaining client testimonials is a powerful strategy to expand the reach of their advertisements and win over new customers.

Potential buyers benefit from watching customer testimonial films since it provides an impartial third party to evaluate the goods. This increases credibility and confidence in your company by demonstrating its popularity among the general public.

These days, it's normal to see a video review on a website. They're a feature of many home pages and landing pages because of how powerful they consistently are.

An ideal opportunity to ask a former customer for a video testimonial is when you can confidently say that you "absolutely demolished it" for them. The movie might be made in a variety of ways, from utilizing the camera on a smartphone to shooting the footage yourself to employing a local video production business. The focus of this article is on keeping the video's structure and subject matter consistent.

Your testimonial video, like any video, needs a clear beginning and end. Even though I've seen testimonial films that go anywhere from 30 to several minutes, I think you can get your point through effectively in between 45 and 60 seconds.

Similar to frequently asked questions videos, there is a finite amount of time that a person can pay attention to anything. Unless it's a very professional, really engaging how-to film, it's rare for a client to watch a video for more than 2 minutes.

Explaining testimonial videos

Over the past few years, the concept of a video testimonial has evolved. Nowadays, there are two basic types of video promotional testimony:

  • Top Rated Testimonials
  • Testimonials Filmed by Oneself

Top rated testimonials

A well-planned job is half over. Professionals are the ones that create the best quality video testimonials. They may be an employee of your company or an independent contractor with the necessary expertise.

Testimonials filmed by oneself

Selfie video testimonies are on the rise in today's age of selfies and online live streaming services like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

When someone gives a "selfie video testimonial," they film themselves using their gadgets (a smartphone) and then share the clip online.

Key characteristics of excellent customer testimonial videos

  • present a tale (one that makes the audience feel things!)
  • Is comprehensible to the audience
  • Highlights one of your company's most well-known customers
  • Is real to the greatest extent that it can be
  • The problem, the solution that addressed it, and the benefits it brought about
  • Include, if at all appropriate, a narrative of how something went wrong but was eventually resolved.

The First impression is the lasting one. The competition for viewers' attention starts the moment a video begins playing. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare ahead of time and restrict the duration of your movie to anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds.

Practice with a buddy or the interviewer before recording and ensure you've covered the key points. Remove any unnecessary parts and keep the movie to around 30 seconds in length. Keep in mind that a video should be no longer than two minutes. Anything beyond that won't have the same impact as something shorter.

Take into account the following three factors: Create a compelling beginning that introduces your brand, piques the reader's curiosity, and includes information that they or someone they know may find helpful. Finally, conclude with a catchy statement that convinces them your product will improve their lives.

A testimonial video should contain what?

The type of service your business provides will determine a lot of what should be in a testimonial film. A huge corporation may be recording an employee, a university may be shooting a student testimonial, or a tech business may be filming a client. Every type of video will have a distinct purpose, thus various topics must be covered.

WHAT LENGTH IS SUITABLE FOR A VIDEO TESTIMONIAL? When it comes to testimonial videos, shorter is usually preferable. Max out at 1 1/2 minutes, with a goal of 45 seconds. Make a strong impression in the initial few seconds of the video to keep viewers engaged.

Getting people's attention at a time when they have access to millions of news and videos is becoming more and more challenging by the second. Probably at this point do quick vids to save us. The finest marketing strategists understand that producing video testimonials is essential for any organization to succeed.

But how lengthy ought a perfect video endorsement to be? In the initial 10 seconds, you must leave a memorable impression. Remember that you have little more than 60 to 90 seconds to convey your case. Additionally, keeping videos to 15 to 30 seconds is optimal.

So why do people enjoy seeing short videos so much?

It comes as no surprise that short films are quite popular. The popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels must mean something, right? If you need more evidence than case studies and statistical analysis can provide, consider the following.

Do you know that the average length of a business video is slightly over six minutes? In general, people aren't interested in watching a lengthy video. When it comes to videos, just 24% of viewers make it through the first 20 minutes. Sixty-one percent of respondents stated they wouldn't bother watching a movie if it was too long.

Companies should stick to a 15-second video maximum, per Facebook's recommendations. Keep in mind that 47% of your content's value is conveyed in the first three seconds. Instagram users often remark most frequently on videos around 26 seconds long.


The language of its clients is frequently ignored by businesses. It's intriguing since it addresses issues that apply to everyone. Continue reading if you don't know how to create customer testimonial videos.

All sales channels should have testimonials collected, including those where you don't sell anything. Social media sites, websites, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yelp, and Glassdoor. Keep track of every client encounter so you never miss an opportunity to engage, connect, and foster customer loyalty (as well as future SEO and advertising content).

Utilizing testimonials might make your business stand out and demonstrate client service. Every day, internet marketing gets more difficult.

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