How to get testimonials for your business?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Testimonials have been more popular recently as consumers increasingly depend on them while making purchases. Up to 88% of buyers let testimonials guide their shopping decisions. In other words, client testimonials may greatly increase your conversion rates.

As you can see, having positive reviews and testimonials posted online can be quite beneficial to the development of your company. However, what do you get when you combine it with the persuasive capacity of the video? What do you get out of it? A winning formula, that's what! Videos are far superior to written material in terms of their ability to communicate feelings, as well as their level of interactivity and the likelihood of people being engaged with the content.

In the most recent poll conducted online, the respondents revealed that after seeing a video, 84% of them went on to purchase some kind.

When you consider everything that has been discussed up to this point, it ought to be crystal evident how beneficial video testimonials may be. After all, it is impossible to dispute the significance of their part in the sales funnels for videos.

The question now is, how do you get started? How can you convince consumers to record video testimonials for your company? The topic of discussion in this article will assist in providing an answer to that query. That is the question we are going to try to answer here today!

How to obtain video testimonials for your business?

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Wow, that is very cool! However, how do you go about obtaining video testimonials? It is possible that requesting and collecting testimonials would prove to be a challenging process; but, if you have access to the appropriate resources and information, you will be successful.

Following that, we will provide you with all of the information that you require to get started with the process of gathering video testimonials.

Learn when to inquire

It is essential to have a good understanding of when to request a video testimonial. Wait until a consumer tells you directly or publicly on social media about a wonderful experience they had with your company. This suggests that they are a supporter of your business and that they may be eager to give further details on their experience.

In addition to this, you should think about the length of time that the customer has been utilizing your product or service. You don't want to ask too soon when they haven't had enough time to build an experience or fix their problem because the answer to this question is going to be different for each company.

Ask over email

Email is the channel of contact that is utilized most frequently to collect video testimonials from satisfied customers. Before sending an email to a customer, you only need to establish a template for your emails and then customize it.

Ask over social media

If your consumers are smart users of social media, reaching out to them on the social media networks that they choose to use is one way to increase the likelihood that they will see and answer your request.

Determined to show them how important their testimony is

How you request that your consumers provide video testimonials for you is just as important as the act itself. When you communicate with them, you should center your conversation on them and what they have to say about why they found your product beneficial, their experiences, and so on.

When you ask for a review from a customer, it is helpful to focus on the positive experiences they have had with your company because this will make them feel much more valued and appreciated. You will also obtain a testimony that is far more trustworthy and interesting if you let the person explain their tale.

Bring it up with them

Interviews are a form of video content that serves the same purpose as testimonials but gives you more control over the result. Testimonials are another sort of video content. Additionally, the participation of users in interviews will be far more likely than the creation of video testimonials by the users themselves.

Why? Because interviews are directed. That makes the lives of your consumers a lot less difficult.

Another advantage of conducting interviews is that they alleviate some of the anxiety that your customers would have if they were required to sit in front of a camera and provide their feedback there. They will have a conversation partner to talk to throughout the interviews, which will make the experience seem a lot more normal. Additionally, a favorable impression is far more likely to be left on a viewer by a pleasant exchange taking place between two persons as opposed to a single person talking to a camera.

Oh, and do you recall when we discussed how important it is to give your brand its unique personality? You will be able to give your brand a face by conducting interviews with your consumers. That accomplishes the task of slaying two birds with the same stone.

Final thoughts

Video testimonials are undoubtedly effective. They convey a narrative, enhance conversions, give social proof, and help people trust your company. Getting video testimonials isn't as tough as it would appear to do.

The use of video testimonials may provide your brand with a variety of benefits; thus, it would be unreasonable if you don’t make use of them in the conduct of your video marketing campaign. The suggestions listed above, together with the appropriate equipment, will have you well on your way to creating a collection of video reviews in no time.

your clients to produce some amazing video testimonials on your behalf. However, if you have any remaining doubts, the only way to know for certain is to give it a shot, isn't that right? Don't be afraid to go for the heavens, and don't settle for less.

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