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Key takeaways from keynotes I saw at SaaStock Dublin 2022

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Last week, I attended SaaStock in Dublin to represent my SaaS startup SocialJuice, a tool to collect and share video testimonials to use as social proof on your website. SaaStock is the Valhalla of the bootstrapped SaaS founder in Europe. I had a blast, met a lot of interesting people, made friends, learned a ton and then some.


I watched a keynote about how to delight customers during onboarding, I thought of onboarding as really good documented entry into your software, where you get popups with explainers en helpful tips, as well as an email sequence that helps the user achieve their goal with your software. Well, the talk did not mention any of these things, it was all about getting in contact with new signups and guiding them through manually. Although this is probably not needed for all SaaS products or all clients, there is something to be said about my look on this subject, this needs to be way more hands on. What do you guys think? Do you have a no-touch onboarding?


I met people who bought blog posts for thousands of dollars and still thought it was a killer deal, in a keynote from Tim Soulo, CMO of ahrefs, he mentioned 10 people are working on a single blog post before it gets published, yet it still pays off, content marketing is just THE way to go in 2022, I know you've heard this a thousand times, because so did I, but these guys do 100M ARR, and content marketing is their biggest acquisition channel. The keynote was mainly about how, next to the obvious benefits of this marketing, you're getting sales and conversions, there is a lot of hard to measure value things here as well, like revenue expansion (existing users discovering new features in higher tiers), reactivation (previous users rediscovering your software) and a lot of unmeasurable stuff like word of mouth...

LinkedIn outbound messages

Use a cheap tool to automate sending LinkedIn messages to qualified leads, you can simply use LinkedIn's built-in search tool to find leads, then automate sending them connection requests with messages, this is basically free, and with a good message, you can expect more than a 60% response rate. You can try reaching multiple segments if you're still looking for your ICP, do you sell your product to the management people? To the sales people? Maybe the marketing people, just pivoting and A/B testing these, can have a huge difference on conversion.

That's it! If anyone has questions or something needs more explanation, happy to elaborate! Kind regards

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Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

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Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

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