What makes a customer testimonial video good?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Including video testimonials on your website might provide you with one of the best marketing and sales tools out there. Sometimes it's tough to construct them, but not always.

We recently prepared a testimonial for one of our clients, Wanderlust, and learned a great deal about how to improve the quality of video testimonials in the process. This list of seven best practices for filmmaking was compiled after we did some research and put our own approach through its paces.

Read on to understand our findings which make a video testimonial the best, and stick around until the end to learn each and everything.

Ensure that viewing is done in a convenient manner

Take time to start thinking about the video of the customer testimonials and provide a full guide to your customers to assist them while recording a testimony for your business.

You must ensure the quality of video testimonials from your regular customer. You have to make certain that the video and audio quality of your video are of the highest possible standard.

Keep in mind that your target audience is not comprised of video marketing experts. You will need to guide them step by step through the procedure. Therefore, you need to provide your client with an explanation of your intentions for the film as well as the method that you intend to use to capture it.

For instance, you may offer advice on what they should dress, where they should gaze, and how they should speak in order to make the viewing experience more memorable. The following is a list of the elements that you need to make sure of in order to generate an outstanding video testimonial from a customer.

Get ready, and be natural

Not thinking through what the consumer would say before recording a video testimonial is a certain way to ruin the final product. The procedure is easier if you know what you want to discuss beforehand.

On the other hand, reading from a prepared script would make the testimony come off as fake and artificial.

Striking a balance between meticulous planning and spontaneous responses is a talent that can be honed with experience. However, it is essential since the credibility of the testimony depends on the customer's name and character.

Before recording a testimony, it's a good idea to compile a list of questions to ask the person being interviewed. To get the most out of your interactions with customers, try framing the conversation like an interview.

Ask the appropriate queries

Your consumers are not employing your product for the reasons you believe they are employing it in their daily lives. Therefore, in order to produce a video testimonial that speaks to the requirements of your audience, you need to ensure that you ask the appropriate questions.

In point of fact, the relevance of your customer testimonial video to your intended audience is the single most important factor in determining its overall quality. Because of this, you need to ask very precise questions in order to present an accurate picture of an event that viewers can relate to.

It could be beneficial for the individual who will be the subject of your testimonial to have a copy of these questions beforehand. Do not feel pressured to cross off every item on your list. Maintain a friendly demeanor and build your follow-up inquiries on the customer's comments.

Concentrate on how and why

This represents the gold standard for video testimonials. Customers who view your video testimonials aren't interested in features. On your website, such are searchable.

Instead, talk about a customer's challenges and pain spots, as well as how your product or service helped to solve them, in your video testimonial. This type of endorsement will resonate with genuine individuals seeking solutions to real problems.

Also crucial is to refrain from asking yes-or-no questions. You won't obtain useful answers to these queries, and it will be tough for you to ask follow-up questions.

Video testimonials are about telling tales, so if a client can only say that they utilize the service and find it useful, you might be better off choosing a different topic. A compelling testimony is one that establishes a narrative with specific issues, fixes, and advantages.

Bringing up facts and data that can be digestible

This is not complicated. There is a good chance that the consumers who use your product or service will contribute facts and numbers that they obtained from utilizing it. However, the key issue that has to be answered is whether or not the viewers are able to make sense of the information that your movie gives them while they are watching it.

As people watch your video testimonial, you need to make sure that the information and statistics you present are immediately relatable and can be processed quickly.

Ensure brevity

It's easy to go overboard when creating a video testimonial using all of the aforementioned tips. Having a client success story conversation that lasts an hour or more is a breeze. That's totally OK, by the way.

The final cut of the video, however, should be concise. Aim for a duration of two to three minutes. It may not seem like a lot of time, but remember that your audience has a short attention span and wants you to get to the point quickly so they can go on with their life.

Happy ending

This is what has transpired as a result. What benefits did the customer receive as a result of utilizing your solutions? What kind of effects has it had on their life? To put it another way, you need to question the consumer about how adopting your product will affect their ability to get a good night's rest.

Come to an end

All of the suggested practices above come down to one thing, connecting to your core audience. If your consumer doesn't connect with your testimony, it won't earn you business.

Get feedback from your video viewers. Send your final testimonial to consumers to get feedback. Improve your formula with feedback. With experience, you can create video testimonials that convert viewers into consumers.

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