Where and how to use video testimonials?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Videos of customer reviews may be a very effective tool for businesses to move leads through a sales pipeline and into becoming clients. However, it's crucial to understand where in your pipeline and wider marketing funnel client testimonial videos work best.

Many steps in the current buying process are powered by social evidence in the form of video testimonials. customer testimonials on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Reviews on products on Amazon and e-commerce websites. On YouTube, there are professional video reviews for every conceivable product.


First, peers are trusted by consumers.

In today's information-rich environment, consumers need quick, effective ways to make good judgments. Using social evidence is a quick fix.

The future of social proof in business is video. the following evolution The impact on your prospects of listening to a satisfied client describe in detail their wonderful experience at your company is unequaled.

We will also discuss why review content is so powerful in today's society. Without it, no marketing plan would be complete.

We've organized this guide to address these frequent objections to help you and your business.

What is a video endorsement?

Video testimonials typically include satisfied clients explaining their interactions with your company in their own words.

Another type of social proof, comparable to a customer rating or review, is video testimonials. To decide whether this firm is the greatest option to meet their needs, potential clients consult testimonials.

Why do video reviews succeed?

Prospects receive the crucial information they need to make purchasing decisions from all review content.

We need more as consumers before we can venture into the unknown. To be confident that the outcome will be favorable, we need something concrete.

Today, that "something" is peer reviews outlining the benefits of choosing your company. Reviews and testimonies are frequently used as closing arguments. Currently, trust is distributed horizontally among peers as opposed to vertically from institutions (or in this case your brand.)

With all of this in mind, video is incredibly effective at establishing trust because of the intangible, humanistic advantages it possesses by nature. In addition to taking in the words, the viewer also connects (or doesn't connect) with the person they see on television. We shall go into more depth about this concept of "distributed trust" later on in this essay.

What should I do with video references?

Use video testimonials to your advantage now.

With the movie library in hand, the actual job can now start. Impactful social proof is all about placing the voices of your satisfied customers in front of buyers at crucial decision-making times, whether you're targeting your local target market or running a B2B video marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that your reputation is a live entity. Prospects want to know how it feels to work with you right now, not a year ago.

Plan to publish and update your videos regularly if you can maintain a steady flow of video testimonials.

Where to post your video customer testimonials?

Your web page

If you're going to offer your testimonials anyplace, your company's website is the best place to start. It is common for brand websites to be where potential buyers first learn about them, making this an ideal location for testimonials.

Either construct a landing page specifically for holding video material, or immediately integrate video content into your home page.

A case study

Case studies are videos that frequently come with a booklet or other resource that provides a thorough context for the material in the testimony. This strategy aims to answer particular questions that the audience could have while viewing the movie. You may demonstrate to the prospect that you are not only able to support the assertions made in the video but also that you are ready to respond to their inquiries by proactively mentioning this resource.

On social media

Social media is a great venue for promoting endorsements since most of the sites make it very simple to publish and share visual content with large audiences. By focusing your attention on users who are interested in your business, social media enables you to push material that is catered to their wants and requirements.

Social media allows you to choose not only who you want to speak with, but also when you want them to see your material, unlike TV, where you broadcast to a random set of people. As a result, you can engage the correct viewers at the perfect moment and enhance the efficacy of your video.

Independent review sites

Customer testimonials may be published on third-party review websites with great effectiveness. The problem is that there is no way to submit a review for your company unless you ask a client to do it on your behalf. Customers won't want to hear how fantastic you believe your business is, even if you post another person's recommendation.

The ideal strategy here is to request that the client who took part in the testimonial write the review. Ask them to provide a link to the video and to write a brief essay outlining their motivations for submitting this testimonial.

How to use video in your SEO campaign?

Ah, search engine optimization's elusive aim. Although there are no strict guidelines for this, several experts' analyses of the algorithms show that video material can improve search engine ranking.

To put it succinctly, video testimonials are not primarily an SEO tactic. However, as a bonus, you may anticipate a somewhat beneficial influence on search rank if you're gathering testimonials and posting them on your website to increase conversion.

Additionally, posting video material on other video hosting websites like Facebook video and YouTube will broaden the reach of your brand's online presence and improve search ranking. The obvious place to start is YouTube because it is the second-largest search engine on the internet. The richness of the material on your website pages has a significant impact on search rankings.


There is most certainly a lot to find out about customer testimonial videos on this page, but doing so is something that is highly recommended.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to win the confidence of complete strangers in what you have to say. A collection of client testimonial videos that are professionally produced and edited may make a significant impact.

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