Why is everyone moving toward using video testimonials instead of written ones?

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

Asking a client or customer to provide a testimonial about your business is a great way to build on the marketing efforts you have already made and an effective marketing strategy as a marketer.

Your current happy clients are among your best marketing resources; after all, who better to sell to your prospective customers than the existing customers who are pleased with your goods or services?

As a consequence of the combination of their skills, a powerful tool that is almost simple to use is developed. You may utilize their written or printed testimonials in your marketing materials or on your website, but a video testimonial is a superior and more powerful choice.

Video marketing has become one of the most successful forms of advertising in the modern day since videos are appealing, fascinating, and simple to share in the internet age.

In fact, a recent poll found that 26% of video viewers looked for further information on the company associated with the video, and 15% of those viewers went to the store where the video was published. So, this article targets the main purpose behind the video testimonials in detail.

What are video testimonials?

A consumer speaks in video format about their comfortable experience; this is known as a testimonial. Therefore, a video testimonial replaces a standard review by having a customer describe your product and provide user-generated video feedback. Customers frequently talk about the influence a firm has had on their lives or how it helped them solve an issue.

Are videos a key content marketing tool?

Video testimonials should be at the top of your list of business strategies if you are exploring alternative content marketing techniques to boost their efficacy. People are already moving toward video consumption and prefer video content over text and images as a form of internet media to consume.

If you have not invested in video content, now is the time to do so; otherwise, you risk losing customers to competitors who are already one step ahead of you in the game.

There is no need to present a lengthy list of reasons to convince you that testimonial videos are crucial for your business. Statistical evidence demonstrates that the utilization of video content is currently one of the most effective strategies for persuading your audience and influencing their purchasing decisions.

This is a fascinating blog post that you should read if you are interested in witnessing some benefits of testimonial videos in the business spectrum.

Promo with video endorsements

Video testimonials are one of the most effective marketing techniques accessible today. Utilize them to your benefit. Considering that 78% of customers see online videos at least once per week, you cannot afford to disregard the advertising potential of such a powerful medium.

Checkout SocialJuice to learn more about the how to collect and use testimonials in advertising and the procedures required to receive a high-quality video testimonial.

Enhanced credibility and trustworthiness

Using testimonials in video advertising may boost trust. Your clients trust a peer above you.

A website testimonial may turn visitors into buyers, but shoppers may doubt its authenticity. Video testimonials let colleagues speak.

If you offer testimonial videos, clients may observe others discuss your products, giving an unbiased, unwritten review. Humanizes your organization and generates audience trust.

You may describe your ambitions, items, and objectives through customer examples. Video testimonials demonstrate appreciation for feedback and attract new clients. Consumer feedback risks your reputation.

Respect and trust win over clients and their friends. Positive customer reviews improve your reputation.

Improved capacity for emotional connection

A quote can express a perspective/feeling, but not as well as a video showing the witness's face and emotions. Written evidence doesn't capture facial expressions and intonation, but the video does. This lends realism to the picture, which helps audiences connect emotionally.

If you can connect emotionally with the audience, your testimony can encourage them to use your product or service. This emotional connection is often the best way to intrigue or closes a customer. It gives the idea that clients are interacting with your organization one-on-one.

Gives the brand a more personal feel

What is one of the best strategies to get around this problem? The inability to communicate with clients on a human scale is one of the greatest obstacles faced by internet businesses. In a contrast to the personal connection you would experience from shopping in a real store, you are provided with a series of displays and visuals displaying the various items that are available.

Despite the fact that many of these companies are operational, they lack a human aspect. What is one of the most effective ways to avoid this issue? Keep reading for further details.

Using video testimonials

Video testimonials personalize your business by allowing buyers to put a face to the product they are purchasing. By showing potential customers that a member of their generation has benefited from your good or service in the past, you could persuade them that they too can experience the same success.

This helps clients obtain a more in-store-like experience, which offers them further assurance that you are the greatest option to meet their needs.

Improves your exposure

Video testimonials give a significant increase in exposure, which is another advantage of utilizing testimonials in advertising. In today's internet-driven society, a company's online presence may be the single most important factor in determining its long-term success.

Videos are easy to share and visually appealing enough to encourage people to do so. Due to this, as well as the marketing possibilities that videos offer, they are among the most effective means of attracting online attention.

If a potential customer has never heard of your service or product before, making your presentation via video rather than text will help you stand out from the competition and create a greater impression. You may utilize videos effectively across a wide range of business media, including the following:

Website: Videos may boost your company's online presence. When you add videos to website landing pages, you deliver aesthetically appealing, useful, and shareable content. When used correctly, such movies can boost your website's SEO. This makes it easy for potential customers to identify and use your website, increasing visits and maintaining client interest.

Social media: A further advantage of employing video formats is the ability to effortlessly post testimonial videos on social media. Videos shared on social media have a greater chance of being viewed, meaning they have the potential to reach more people than your website alone.

You may also publish videos on pages and forums associated with your industry. This can help you establish a strong following among a more dedicated section of your target market and increase customer loyalty overall.

Email: Even email marketing may be improved with the introduction of video testimonials, which will make your messages more engaging to read. The addition of the term "video" in the subject line of an email increased open rates by 19 percent, while the total use of videos increased click-through rates by 65 percent and decreased mailing list unsubscriptions by 26 percent.

To wrap it up

The video testimonial has the greatest conversion rate of all marketing tools. Numerous studies indicate that video testimonials are the most efficient marketing tactic, particularly since they establish a more personal connection with clients.

It is incredibly engaging to hear other people discuss a service or product that is relevant to the viewer's personal journey. This makes the subject relevant, so allowing the audience to make a buying decision. In this way, business revenues can be enhanced many folds.

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