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Solving Testimonial Challenges for an Business Management Company

Sander Belaen
Sander Belaen

As the founder of Qwantel Latay, a marketing online business management company that specializes in helping small business owners with their marketing, operations, and systems, Qwantel found it challenging to consistently collect testimonials from clients. From clients not having enough time to complete the process, to providing testimonials in a format that was convenient for them rather than requested, Qwantel struggled to efficiently gather and organize client testimonials.

However, with the help of SocialJuice, Qwantel was able to solve these problems and streamline the testimonial collection process. Through easy linking for clients, the ability to import previous testimonials from various locations, and the use of a video consent form, Qwantel was able to increase the number of client testimonials and make the process more efficient and seamless for both the sender and receiver. Hey there! My name is Qwantel, I'm the founder of Qwantel Latay, a marketing online business management company that specializes in helping small business owners with their marketing, operations and systems. The services I provide include but are not limited to; project management, operations management, team management, launch management, marketing and metrics management, and systems implementation. I also provide project based services for systems setup and group program launch setup. With such a wide variety of services you can imagine the importance of collecting testimonials. I found SocialJuice through the software marketplace newsletter, and when I first saw it, I was hooked. I was so excited to finally have a solution to a major problem many OBMs, Integrators, and Project Managers face: testimonials. In the online space anyone will tell you, getting testimonials from someone is like pulling teeth. You have to be creative and consistent. Before Social Juice I'd face three main problems.

  1. The customers either simply didn't have enough time because there were too many steps, or they started and never finished.
  2. They leave it in a format that is most comfortable for them, instead of in the format you requested (although you're grateful it makes it harder to gather and collect in one place.
  3. When they later see their testimonials in your marketing materials, they either have edits or wish you would have used a different quote or image, or ask you to take it down all together stating "they weren't aware that they gave you permission." Which unfortunately opens back up the testimonial train again. Now with SocialJuice's easy to use interface,

I've solved each of these problems:

1. Easy Linking for Clients: I am big on client experience.

By having this link with proper instructions, it encourages the client to do the testimonial almost immediately (or atleast have an easy link to save to their browser to go back to later). I've noticed when I recommended my clients who signed up for SocialJuice via the AppSumo deal, their customer testimonials skyrocketed. They received several comments such as "well that was painless." Or, "thank you for making that so easy." Having your testimonials organized helps tremendously with getting testimonials quicker. With this one link, clients can see the steps, choose between video AND written testimonials, and also do double takes (in case they mess up). It's a timesaver for both the sender and receiver.

2. Importing Previous Testimonials

Sometimes clients will provide you with a testimonial in a format that is most convenient for them, and being that you are requesting it from them, you want to give them options. For example, for my systems setups and group program launch setups, I have an interview call (discussing their experience) and how they felt after working with me. This is a recorded call that would need to be imported. A few more client examples are clients who leave Google Reviews, or wrote the testimonial in email instead (again, all ways that were comfortable for them). SocialJuice's importing testimonial feature allows for you to take each of your different testimonials (from different locations) and import them into your testimonial interface, truly making SocialJuice your one source of truth for all of your testimonials without having to view them in several different locations. Fist pumps to this Love this feature.

3. Video Consent Form Being in the online space, one thing you'll become familiar with is a click-wrap agreement.

If you're not as familiar with this term, it's basically the little terms and conditions box that anyone checks when they are at checkout (and let's be honest, half of the world ignores or does not pay attention to this). But this click-wrap agreement, be it long or short, is a binding contract you sign stating that you agree, and will comply. SocialJuice's version of a click-wrap agreement is their video consent at the end of every testimonial submission. I LOVE IT! When collecting testimonials the last thing we want is for someone to say they didn't allow you to use their video or written testimonial. This agreement pop-up right when it's time to collect details and right before the client must hit "submit testimonial." This avoids the "I wish I could have changed this," or "I don't remember consenting to you posting that," conversations. SocialJuice allows you to keep your legal duckies in a row - love that for the owners and the clients.


This tool is truly phenomenal and there is nothing like it on the market. I've seen many other competitors try to mimic this exact setup, but their interfaces were not as modern and they didn't offer the simplicity of user experience as SocialJuice. SocialJuice has covered all the bases of what one would need to collect a testimonial with ease. Bonus: The customer success and the founder is super responsive and as someone who's been a part of a few foundational startups, this means they care about how their product best serves their users and truly want to make it an ideal experience. I'm happy to support any brand that does this. Thank you for making a once complicated process much more simple my team, AND my clients.

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