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Features and benefits

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

  • Pays itself

    SocialJuice ups conversion. Even if you'd only get one extra loyal customer because of this, it already paid for itself.

  • Free marketing content

    Honest en genuine promotions cut through the noise of every other ad screaming for your attention. Your clients make it for you.

  • Best kind of promo

    Happy customers still are the best kind of promo. Let them speak for you!

  • Collect by sending a link

    Just send a link, there people can leave a testimonial. No signups, no installs, low frication!

  • We host your videos

    You can simply share a link to your Testimonial. We host them for you, free of ads, of course.

  • Embed testimonials on your site!

    Embed a testimonial on your website or product page! Simply copy-paste the embed snippit.

  • Download your videos
    Included in paid plans.

    Testimonials are yours! You can download them at any given moment!

  • Animated GIF Thumbnails
    Included in paid plans.

    Video testimonials? Watch them come to live on mouse hover with automatically generated animated thumbnails!

  • Customize your page
    Included in paid plans.

    Customize your dedicated page in minutes with your own text, subject suggestions, colors, imagery and your own logo.

  • Dark or light mode
    Included in paid plans.

    Does your brand have a dark theme? So do we! You can simply choose which one you like, or which one fits your brand!

  • Multiple spaces
    Included in paid plans.

    Multiple brands within your company? Make multiple spaces within your account, each with its own page and branding.

  • CNAME custom domain
    Included in paid plans.

    Deploy your testimonial collection page to a subdomain of your main product for a branded experience.

  • Invite team members
    Included in paid plans.

    Invite team members or clients into a specific workspace. That way, they can manage their own space and testimonials.

  • Embed testimonials carousel!

    Embed a scrollable testimonial carousel on your website! Simply copy-paste the embed snippit.

  • QR Code to your page

    Generate a QR code to your page, which you can them download and share in your emails, menu card, product packaging, etc.

  • Wall of testimonials

    Embed a grid wall on your site featering all your video and text testimonials. Animated thumbnails work here too!

  • Start from a template

    Not that great at writing good converting copy? Eeach page starts with great copy, optimised for conversion.

  • Import testimonials

    Import testimonials from Twitter, G2, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trustpilot, Linkedin, Capterra, Amazon, Shopify, ProductHunt, AppStore, Playstore, and other text and video testimonials.

  • HIPAA Compliant
    Included in paid plans.

    This enables you to collect medical testimonials. This will show extra heathcare related copy and a privacy policy as well as collec the mandatory Patient Testimonial Advertising Form.

  • Google

    Google Rich Snippets
    Included in paid plans.

    Add Google Rich Snippets to your testimonials to improve your SEO. This shows the average rating of your testimonials in Google search results.

  • Google

    SEO features
    Included in paid plans.

    Custom meta description. Custom OG share image, etc ...

    coming soon

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